Thu 18 July, 2024 @ 8:38 AM
UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)

That's right Love is in the Air as we roll into Valentine's Day and February madness!

GridStream and ARK will be bringing you a Valentine's Day party on Saturday 13th February, in Reets Retreat on the Glass Dancefloor.
There will be contests, wonderful prizes, Jackbox.tv party games and fabulous music of love and anti-love goodness! Come dressed for the occasion and you may just get an extra bonus treat!

As well as this Gemmikins has just started up the next outside of game contest! You have all of February to take part in this. make sure you send your answers in before the 28th to be submitted to the raffle to win all kinds of prizes! - http://forums.gridstream.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=29993

ARK are also hosting an ARK Playfield Tour on 27th February, at 2pm Eastern/7pm UTC for those wanting to join in and see new places they may have not seen before! Gemmikins will be DJing so you have music to go with your tour!

Other than that stay wonderful to each other and keep rocking!

To all our listeners Happy New Year!

Thank you for always being dedicated and giving us here at
GridStream Productions the reason to keep going over all these years!
We want to continue giving back to you all, you are such wonderful community, and keep including you in the fun, festivities and madness as the years go on!

Last year GSP gave out in December -
Over 10 billion in creds, Dynamic Gas Redistribution Valves,
Carlo Pinnetti Nano,Visible Light Remodulation Device, Energy Redistribution Unit, Penumbra Tuaq, Advanced Dust Brigade Notum Infusers, Two GA MK4, GA MK2, A Stiletto, Penumbra White Quabbit, Combined Scouts Sleeves/Pants/Chest, Love Sombrero, Parts for the Ancient Defender and Ancient Nano Enhancer,
Two Hold Hell at Bays,A couple of GSP Vintage T-Shirts, Veil of the Revoked,
Spirit Tech Circlet of Cerubin,Weird Looking Semi-Sentient Augmentation Cloud Nano, Izgimmer's Mockery Nano, Ljotur Upper Part/Mirror Mask/Beets of Clamping, Guardian of Might nano, Blood Soaked Cloak of Dishonour, Two sets of Lava Protection Boots, Abilities NCU - Type 3F (6/6), GSP Retro Poster as well as a ton of social items!

We hope to bring more parties and contests as 2021 progresses and give out even more items on top of what we have already!

Keep rocking and we appreciate each and every one of you!

Well we made it to December. 2020 is almost behind us and here is to a better brighter and safer 2021.

The end of the year means the final 2020 parties. Starting off we have the ARK and GSP Christmas Party on Sunday 13th December at 2pm Eastern/7pm UTC in Reets Retreat on the Glass Dancefloor! There will be 4 hours of partying, prizes and jackbox.tv party games to take part in!

Then on the 2nd January GSP will be hosting their own Christmas party, we are thinking of starting around Midday and then going as long as we feel, we are finalising the last details but stay tuned for that! There will be prizes, jackbox.tv games, lots of Christmas cheer and the chance to win at least one GSP Vintage T-Shirt.

We wish you all the best this holiday season, we hope you get something you wish for and stay as safe as possible in these trying times. We hope 2021 brings you more calm, stability and positive outlooks for the future.

And of course what would December be without one final GSP Contest to round out 2020! Check out the forum image for the contest information. Bare in mind there are no ARK or GM's helping Santa Leet on this when you make your list for them!

So we are finally into October! We have had an eventful couple of months with GSP contests outside of game, the people taking part have grown and it's been great to treat our listeners for taking part!
We plan to have three more contests before the end of the year the first starting 5th October and running until Halloween so please keep your eyes peeled for the Anarchy Online scavenger hunt details!

October also means Halloween parties! We have been asked already for one set of Halloween parties by listeners and GridStream Productions will be hosting their own on the 30th and 31st this month as well. Final details are still being worked out but keep an eye on the forums and calendar for further details as we flesh these out. I am sure they will be a spooky treat for all!

Lastly thank you for tuning into shows and joining us for parties we know 2020 has definitely been a rollercoaster this far and we appreciate you all! If there any questions, ideas for events/promos/contests or prizes we can give away please feel free to let Gemmikins know and she will happily assist. If you are interested in becoming a GSP DJ please let Gemmikins know as well and she can answer any questions, concerns or assist in helping get the process started!

Current & Upcoming Events

Shigy's Odd End
 DJ Shigy
 In 1d 2h 21m @ 11:00 AM, July 19 UTC

Live, Loud and Proud
 DJ Screaminfu
 In 2d 11h 21m @ 8:00 PM, July 20 UTC

Big Hair Ball
 DJ Dharzee
 In 2d 15h 21m @ 12:00 AM, July 21 UTC

Kermies Krazy Corner
 DJ Kermie
 In 3d 17h 21m @ 2:00 AM, July 22 UTC

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