Thu 30 June, 2022 @ 5:10 PM
UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)

That's right, GSP Dancers have finally made their way to The Secret World and we couldn't be more pleased!

So, um, what is GSP Dancers?

Well, besides the obvious, this fabulous group of folks provides support not just to GSP but also to members of the community. They are here to help listeners get tuned in, find their way to shows, they answer questions about GSP and even about the game. In addition, they also advertise GSP shows and events and attract new listeners to the best damn radio station in The Secret World or anywhere!

Our dear friend Zellira (or as most of you already know her, Caliana) has agreed to take on the role of Leader of the GSP Dancers. If you love GSP and you think you might be interested in joining her, please send a PM to Caliana and she will answer your questions.

Meanwhile, be sure to be on the lookout for the hotness that is the GSP Dancers coming soon to shows near you!

We are pleased to announce that Gridstream Player has finally arrived for use in The Secret World! If you're an Anarchy Online player then you're probably already familiar with Gridstream Player. For those of you who are not, allow me to just say that it is fabulous!   

To quote from Gridstream Developer, Gridfan:

"GridStream Player™ is a custom player created for the purpose of easily tuning in to GridStream Productions™ Internet Radio broadcast network. It is very minimalistic, simple to use (hopefully), and has several GridStream specific features that can enhance your enjoyment of tuning in. It is basically just a moveable loudness/VU meter."

When he says "minimalistic" he's not kidding. As someone who has used this player for years on a PC that is not that great I can tell you that Gridstream Player has been a blessing. That's especially true when playing TSW and needing all the resources I can get. 

Full details on how you can download and start using this great player can be found 

Thanks Gridfan for all of your hard work!

Congratulations to DJ Dasch for earning his stripes and a spot on our regular schedule. You can catch his show Zero Point every Monday at 4:00pm Eastern right here on GridStream Productions! Make sure you visit his forum and give him a warm welcome!

Also, don't miss DJ Ashval's Valentine's Day show on Thursday, February 14th at 8:00pm Eastern from the streets of London. Ashval will be playing love songs from a variety of genres sure to bring out the romantic in all of us. Even the zombies!

As always, thanks for listening to GridStream Productions!

Greetings my friends! This is DJ Ashval, current Director of GridStream Productions in The Secret World. As many of you may have already noticed, the ownership of GridStream Productions is in the process of changing hands. Details of the changes were revealed by Tarryk Kozar on our sister station here...


Kirasha and I are honored and excited to move into the role of station ownership, and we promise to do our very best to guide GridStream Productions forward in both The Secret World and Anarchy Online. We can't thank Tarryk and Sprkly Kozar enough for their guidance and inspiration over the years.

With my new role, it will be imperative that I have the availabilty to oversee each station as an active owner. In light of that, I have decided to step down from the Director's chair for the TSW station.

I'm extremely proud to announce that Vallikat will be the new Director for GridStream Productions in The Secret World. She has been a huge supporter of GSP since the days of our inception, and her work behind the scenes has been invaluable in helping to successfully launch this station. She bleeds GSP and loves the community in The Secret World. I have no doubt that she will be a passionate and trustworthy leader for this station going forward, and I thank her immensely for taking on this responsibility.

Shadowvixen will also be moving into the role of Assistant Director, as she has also demonstrated invaluable leadership since launch. With Vallikat and Shadowvixen in leadership roles, with the amazingly talented and hard-working staff already here, and with an eye on continued recruitment of new DJ staff...I know the future is very bright for this station.

As for me, I won't be heading off to hide in some ivory tower. That's not my style. Anger Management will still be coming your way every Friday night, so your ears are not safe. :)

As always, we thank all of you for your support! GSP is nothing without our listeners, and we will continue to try to deliver to you the best entertainment possible.

Rock on!

Current & Upcoming Events

Shigy's Odd End
 DJ Shigy
 In 17h 49m @ 11:00 AM, July 1 UTC

DJ Chaimera/Jawhammers' Celebration of Life Event
 Multiple DJs
 In 2d 3h 49m @ 9:00 PM, July 2 UTC

Kermies Krazy Corner
 DJ Kermie
 In 3d 8h 49m @ 2:00 AM, July 4 UTC

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