Thu 30 June, 2022 @ 4:04 PM
UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)

While the merger continues to be an ongoing process, we have now officially crossed...er...merged the streams! (never ever cross the streams!)

Fans of the GridStream Player should love our new custom launch page. Just click Tune In on the site and follow the easy instructions. Or, you can always tune in from player.gridstream.org (easy to remember!).

If you use a different player and have the stream bookmarked, you will likely need to obtain a fresh link from the site.

Thanks for your patience throughout this process and thanks for listening! :)

First off, if you are reaching this website by accessing www.gridstream.org don't panic just yet. Read through the following. If you still wish to access the old website you may do so by going to old.gridstream.org.

The website has been updated to reflect the upcoming merger of the two GSP stations that will take place on Saturday.

The current updated website is still a little hybrid since we haven't actually done the merger itself, but we felt it needed to be done ahead of time since I am leaving on vacation tomorrow morning.

Some changes that will happen soon (probably tomorrow) is the following:
* The domain www.gridstream.org will be replaced with the current site you are viewing now.
* The old AO website can be accessed via old.gridstream.org for legacy purposes for now.
* The ao.gridstream.org and tsw.gridstream.org will redirect to www.gridstream.org once I am confident that the DNS change has come into affect.

So what happens next?

Regarding the website I'll first take about three weeks of vacation. After that I'll start implementing a few features we have discussed behind the scenes that we are sure you as listeners will appreciate. I'll give an update after the vacation as to what those plans are.

Some design overhaul is also planned where we will address some major and minor issues and to further strengthen "One GSP" on the website.

GridStream Productions has certainly experienced its fair share of change over the past few months, but we're not done just yet. In fact, we're now ready to unveil some truly epic news.

We're going to merge stations.

That's right, as of July 20th there will be only one GridStream Productions...supporting both Anarchy Online and The Secret World!

This is a decision that I've been weighing ever since I took over ownership of both stations. It's become clear that the current format has been causing some loyal listeners to feel divided between the two stations, as they enjoy many of the shows that both stations offer. Frankly, we're at a point where merging makes a ton of sense. Going to one stream will mean less time for the playlist and more focus on live shows. We'll still be fully supportive of both the AO and TSW communities. I want to make that very clear. We'll just be supporting the two communities on one stream. Think of us as being one GridStream community.

Believe me when I say that this decision was not made lightly. Management from both the AO and TSW stations came together and discussed this at length, and we all felt this was the right move for GSP going forward. Our leadership structure will not change, as I have the utmost confidence in our current management group. Kriegshammer will continue to be the Director over AO activities with Shigy as his Assistant and Gemmi as a Board Member. Vallikat will continue to be Director over TSW activities with Shadowvixen as her Assistant. In time, another Board Member may be added to assist on the TSW side. Kirasha and I will continue to be active owners in an advisory role (and I'll, of course, continue to DJ).

So, in summary...here is what GSP will look like after July 20th...

** One station supporting both games
** One central playlist advertising and promoting both communities
** One Facebook/Twitter account that is just "GridStream Productions"
** One website with forum sections for each community's shows
** Leadership structure/show schedules very similar to what you're used to now
** ARK/Funcom events will continue to get priority over regular shows/other events

There are some other perks that will be a part of this merger. Our new website will include some enhancements that we think the listeners (and our DJ's) will love! Also, Gridfan plans to launch a new version of the GridStream player to coincide with with the new station format. As promised, this new version will make the tune-in process much simpler for fans of the player!

So, what happens next? The first thing you will soon notice is an update to our forum structure, as we'll be merging them ahead of time so we can start getting both stations settled into their new home together. (If only we could record a GSP reality show with us all moving in together!)

The rest of the changes will come on July 20th so long as we don't hit any obstacles we can't overcome.

If you have any comments or questions about the merger, please don't hesitate to post on our forums or send me a private message. I truly believe this move will help us to become a better station for you, our listeners. As always, thank you for all of your support. We remain committed to providing the very best entertainment possible for all of our listeners in Anarchy Online, The Secret World and beyond.

Much love and respect,


That's right it's already been a year! One year of zombie killing, ak'ab hunting, dungeon crawling, filth fighting, and, for some of us at least, taco eating! (I got my Tex-Mex T-Rex Achievement! Did you?)

As you know we at GSP can never pass up a good excuse to party and the TSW First Anniversary is a great excuse! In fact it's so great, we're not just celebrating it once but 5 Times! In fact, we're planning 13 live DJ shows over the course of 5 days, starting July 3 and ending July 7. That's right, while you're participating in Funcom's Guardians of Gaia Event, we'll all be getting our groove on, bringing you music made for saving the world! However we don't want you to think that we don't appreciate your efforts. When you're ready for a break from killing you can always come join us. In addition to awesome music, we'll have contests and thanks to our friends at Funcom we'll have prizes to giveaway throughout the event. What kind of prizes you ask? Oh ...nothing special...just you know...

- 1200 Bonus Points!
- 30 Day Subscription Time!
- Faction Dog Tags!

Now those are prizes worth taking a little break for, don't you think?

The party kicks off at 5:00 pm EDT, tomorrow, July 3 and we'll have live DJ's daily through July 7. To find out when the party happens in your corner of the world, please see our events page for all the details:


We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Oh and... don't be a stranger to this page after the event is over. A special announcement is coming soon! ;)

Thanks for listening,

Current & Upcoming Events

Shigy's Odd End
 DJ Shigy
 In 18h 55m @ 11:00 AM, July 1 UTC

DJ Chaimera/Jawhammers' Celebration of Life Event
 Multiple DJs
 In 2d 4h 55m @ 9:00 PM, July 2 UTC

Kermies Krazy Corner
 DJ Kermie
 In 3d 9h 55m @ 2:00 AM, July 4 UTC

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