Thu 30 June, 2022 @ 4:23 PM
UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)

That's right it is February and GSP is loving it! We love you, we love each other, we love cabals and orgs, we love Funcom and ARKs, and we love a good beat down. All of these things add up to one thing: We love to party! So let's see what we've got for you on the party front this month!

Our bestie turns 10! Ok, ok, I don't mean to imply that B.E.E.R really is our BFF. I mean we love all you guys! But B.E.E.R is one of those orgs that has really become near and dear to our hearts (and it has nothing to do with our love of the beverage and/or any of our alts which may or may not exist in said org...honestly!) Anyway like I was saying their 10th anniversary is coming up and we're honored to be celebrating it with them. Joanwilder will be spinning the tunes from the Glass Dance Floor at Reets Retreat on Friday, February 13th at 8pm EST. I hope to see a lot of you come out to celebrate this milestone with this awesome group of folks!

Then, the Day of Love arrives. <3<3<3!

On February 14, we have 2 special parties for you!

We'll get things started in Anarchy Online at 3:00 pm EST in ICC. ARK will be there as well so you can be sure there will be contests and prizes to be had! Gemmikins and Joanwilder will be playing love-themed and maybe not so much love-themed tunes. I'm sure both ladies will be more than happy to play your special requests for the ones you love!

At 8pm EST we're sending the party to The New York City Fight Club in The Secret World. Yes, that's right, the fight club as DJ Nicksa presents The St. Valentine's Day Massacre! for those of you who like to express your love with violence or who just want to act out their frustrations, there's nothing better than a free-for-all at the fight club! Be sure to join us for what promises to be a bloody good time!

But just because Valentine's is over doesn't mean the love stops!

On February 15 our love and kisses go out to the amazing ARK's and Testers on the Anarchy Online Test Server. These guys do a commendable job and we thank them every month with the MMOATP (Massive Monthly Online Ark and Testers Party). This month it will be Gemmikins spinning the tunes from ICC on the Test Server. The party gets started at 4 pm EST. Be sure to come out to show your support.

On February 21 you are invited to love your Cabal at the Cabal Pride party in The Secret World. The party will be held in London on the street between the Albion Theater and the park. If you love your Cabal, this is your time to show it. If you don't have a Cabal but need one, this is just the event for you! DJ Trevalin will keep the music going from 2pm - 5 pm EST. Don't forget to join in the chat (/chat join cabalpride) for running commentary during the event!

On February 22 the Harbingers Cabal brings us a different kind of love, the love that comes from renewal as we help them celebrate Seollal, The Lunar New Year! DJ Medrina will be your guide as the Dragons celebrate the continuation of the cycle. The party takes place at the Dragon's Coils in Seoul starting at 3:00 pm EST.

On February 28, Omni-Pol get our love as DJ Gemmikins provides the tunes for their Monthly Org Party. The party takes place at 4:00 pm EST in their org city. I am sure that Omni-Pol parties must be fun and full of love. Right? Right! They may have a very "corporate" reputation but that doesn't meant they don't know how to party! Believe me after you get a few drinks in them, I've seen things that... er... well I probably shouldn't discuss that here. You have to come out for yourselves!

Ok now that we've spread our lovin' all over the month of February, I'm exhausted! Time to rest up a bit so I can be ready to party all month long!

As always, thanks for listening!

P.S. want to find out what these times convert to in your timezone? check it out here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

GSP has been around a looong time, and we've certainly had our fair share of change over the years. It's that time again...time to reshuffle the deck. :)

For personal reasons, I need to step back from running the day-to-day operations of the station. I've been doing this for a very long time, and I'd rather focus on my two shows (as Ashval and Trevalin) and hand the torch of leadership back to Vallikat. She was instrumental in this station's success in branching into TSW, and she's now ready to give this old man a break and run the ship again. :)

While I will still be the station owner and have final say when needed, I have full trust in Valli and the Board to keep GSP rocking. Speaking of the Board, there are some other changes to announce as well...

Gemmikins will be elevated to Assistant Director and continue to handle our Promotions Department.

Kriegshammer will be returned to the role of Board Member and take over the Applications Department.

Shigy will be returned to the role of Board Member and handle our Events Department.

Tastyvixen will still be a Board Member but freed up to handle some technical projects for GSP (and hopefully returning to DJ'ing soon).

And, finally...Dharzee has volunteered to fill the role of Training Officer for GSP helping out our new DJ's.

While most of this probably won't mean a lot to our listeners, we've always tried to keep you all in the loop when it comes to GSP news. I'm extremely proud of the state of the station as I hand the reins over Vallikat. We have a balanced DJ schedule promoting both AO and TSW. We continue to get incredible support from the TSW roleplay community. And, the talent and creativity of our DJ's and staff members is as strong as ever.

As always, we are nothing without the support we get from all of you...our listeners. Thank you for all that you do.

Much love and respect,

DJ Ashval/DJ Trevalin/Station Owner/Old Metalhead

Just a quick update to give you a small peek into what we have coming up.

First some staffing notes:

DJ Azuca is bringing the R.A.W back. As some of you know Azuca has had to take a little break from his regular show while he dealt with a few pitfalls in real life. However he's back now and ready to go starting this coming Wednesday at 11 am EST. Be sure to tune in!

DJ Krayl has settled into Tuesday nights with Digital Obsessions at 9pm EST!

DJ Medrina should be starting her regular show, Play Anything, on Monday nights, Coming Soon!

Of course we always have some Events in the works:

Two awesomely helpful groups are celebrating their joint Anniversary on January 16. Please join us in congratulating TSWDB and The Sanctuary at Ealdwic park at 2:00 pm. DJ Nicksa will be spinning the tunes.

Next up is Ashval's Annual Metal Marathon. Ash will get things started at 1 pm EST on January 18. He'll be using the Albion Theater as his stage for looking back on the year in metal.

Coming in February AO will be taking center stage.

One of our favorite Orgs, B.E.E.R is celebrating their 10th anniversary February 13. The following day AO will be celebrating Valentines Day. I'll be sure to post more about both of these events in future post.

In the meanwhile you can always look for more details about these and all of our events on our calendar page:


And...there may be some changes in the future as well. Xtrophic has been hard at work on our new website. I don't have a date for it yet but please keep checking back for more info.

But that's not all that is changing...although...I can't say much about that part just yet.

That's all for now. Thanks for listening!!

The festivities start on December 13 in Anarchy Online. Several of your favorite DJ's will be rocking around the Christmas Tree at The Grind Nightclub starting at 2:00 pm Eastern and lasting for 6 hours. ARK will also be there and you can bet there will be prizes and contests to keep your stockings stuffed this year!

The following weekend TSW gets into the act. We don't have our plan set in stone yet, but we promise you a party on Decmeber 20 and 21.

On Christmas Day, DJ Oubliette has you covered with "A Very Oubliette Christmas." That's right Permanent Midnight and Christmas combine this year for what I'm sure will be a holiday celebration with just the right amount of a creepy edge to it. She'll be kicking off the party at 6 pm eastern with plans on carrying things through until midnight eastern.

The closing of the year will be coming up shortly thereafter and we always try to bring you some liveness to help you rock in the New Year. This year will be no different. Stay tuned for details!

We have other reasons to celebrate as well. We welcomed our newest DJ, Medrina, to our ranks this earlier month. She's already starting jumping her hoops and you can rest assured she'll be hitting the airwaves before too long!

As we head into the New Year it will be about that time when DJ Ashval counts down his top metal albums from the previous year (although I wouldn't expect he's going to be doing a marathon like last year, haha).

I think that's all I can tease you about for now.

As always, thanks for listening!

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