Thu 30 June, 2022 @ 4:52 PM
UTC/GMT (Greenwich Standard Time)

So here at GridStream Productions we are still in party mode, winding down from the 14th Anniversary celebrations in Anarchy Online we are now pushing forward to The Secret World's 3rd birthday!

Our own DJ's Dharzee and Gemmikins will be starting off the festivities on Friday at 6pm Eastern/10pm UTC down in the Beer Garden behind the Horned God, join them for some OOC crazyness and some awesome tunes, followed on Saturday by a fourth of July IC special in Brooklyn Park NY hosted by Nicksa, Trevalin and Daydreaming.

If that wasn't enough excitement this weekend and going for 2 weeks TSW is offering some splendid bonuses to the game throughout the Anniversary Celebrations, including double AP, +50% to AEGIS Research and some big recruiting bonuses - more details at:

If TSW is not your thing then Anarchy Online has also given us something to celebrate, they have released the option to test out the new engine with the latest 18.8 patch, hopefully we'll be out of open beta soon enough!

And if that wasn't enough cause to party Gridfan has also been hard at working in tweaking the player.gridstream.org page too, it now has the addition of a Twitter widget along with the ability to stream GSP into your ears right from the browser. The browser player isn't supported by all browsers just yet but we are hoping that will change in the future. Your feedback is always encouraged too so if something is bugged and not working as expected please let us know within our Tech Support forum!

Speaking of changes, DJ Medrina made some this week in regards to her show time. She will now be hosting Play Anything Thursday nights at 10pm Eastern! We hope you will all enjoy her special brand of goodness as your week winds down.

Lastly we are still on the hunt for someone to join us as a CR person for our Anarchy Online crew, we're looking for someone who is present within the Anarchy Online community, versed with the social media stylings of life and wishing to work alongside with Funcom in bringing news/events and contests to our AO community! For more details feel free to speak to Vallikat or Kriegshammer about the position.

And finally, I wish all our listeners a fabulous 4th of July weekend for those celebrating, keep safe and enjoy the fireworks!

GSP is turning 13! Yes that's right we're finally teenagers! Can you even believe it? I feel so old...or wait, 13 is actually young. Hmm... I feel so young!! There, that's better! What's better than feeling young? Having a party! And what's better than having a party? Having 3 parties!!

We get things started on May 16 at noon eastern in The Secret World with Trevalin followed by Drina and then Nicksa. They're going to keep you rocking for 6 hours.

The party doesn't end there though. We hop the party over to Anarchy Online at 6:00 pm eastern where Gemmi and Joan take over for another epic 6 hours.

But that's not enough for us, we needed one more party. On May 17 at 1:00 pm eastern, we take it back to The Secret World with Ash, Sunserro, and Dharzee. They have another 6 hours of awesome celebration on tap.

All of these parties will be filled with contests and prizes for all of you!

But those are not the only parties or even birthday celebrations we have in store this month. In fact May 28th brings two parties. Jinji is really only 29 and a half and would like to celebrate that fact. The party will start at 7 pm eastern from the Crusades in The Secret World with Dharzee.

Later at 9, DJ Trevalin will be helping his fiance, our very own Lia (Iolanthe) celebrate her birthday! Those two are too cute for words!!

In case you missed it, we have a new DJ flying through her applicant hoops. Daydreaming did her first monitored show earlier today and by all reports she did a fabulous job. I can't wait to let her fly solo!

I also have a couple quick game updates:

As some of you know Anarchy Online has been going through some changes. We've been trying to do several of our AO shows from the newly remodeled ICC. We hope to see some of you there as you make your way about the world.

Also The Secret World, Issue 11 has recently been released. We know a lot of you guys are having a great time playing through the finale to season 1. We hope you're tuned in for "inspirational" music. :)

I'd like to end this news brief with a word of thanks. You guys are so amazing and we love you all so much. I have to tell you that it meant the world to us to see GSP Events and shows being mentioned in the "Event You Loved" round of the #IAMTSW Contest. We do what we do every day because we love doing it and we love you guys. But it's still nice to get some recognition for it. Thanks again from all of us here at Gridstream Productions.

And I guess that's about it (and to think I thought this was going to be brief).

As always, thanks for listening!

Where to begin? I know! Let's have a song!


Ah, The Mexican Hat Dance. That can only mean one thing! Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching and that means a GSP Party!

We're starting our celebration with DJ Joanwilder over in Anarchy Online. I think it's a safe bet that Joan will have authentic Mexican music for you and as she says "be ready for some culture!" She's getting things started in ICC at 6 pm EST on May 5.

The Secret World is not to be left out of the fiesta! DJ Nicksa will pick up the party from Joan over in TSW. She's getting started at 8 pm EST. Her party in the Scorched Desert is bound to be muy caliente!

Next up? Well...let me just leave this right here:


If you hadn't guessed by that clip, that means that Anniversary Season almost here at GSP.

First comes our own 13th Anniversary Celebration! That's right! GSP has reached our teenage years! No time for teen angst though, we have parties to plan! That's right, "parties." 3 parties to be exact. We're still working on the finer details but both Anarchy Online and The Secret World will be getting some party love between the 16th and 17th of May.

Next will be Anarchy Online's Anniversary in June with The Secret World Anniversary shortly thereafter in July. We'll get you all the dates and times for those parties when we have them.

I love having these parties. I love this chance to interact with two very awesome communities. We really want to do more with you guys and for you guys. We have the lovely Ms. Iolanthe to run Community Relations in The Secret World. What we really need is a counter-part for her in Anarchy Online. If you or anyone you know is interested in the role, please reach out to Kriegshammer for more details.

Well this was a short news update, but as you can see we're on the brink of a very busy time. I'm sure there will be more news for the next one.

Until then, as always, thanks for listening!

I don't know about you, but I'm very glad that Spring is finally upon us. Technically I guess we still have some winter left to contend with in my part of the world, but I think we're finally seeing the light. Whew!

So what does that mean for GSP?

Well for one thing it means Spring Break! Oh yes! DJs Trevalin and Nicksa will be more than happy to see some bikini clad beach goers for this 10 hour marathon party! The party starts on March 28th at 2 pm EST from the Essex Coast (that's in-game location Journey's End, Kingsmouth). Come join us for fun in the sun as we dance the day and night away!

Omni-pol knows how to party too! Hard to believe, but it's true! They're having their monthly party On March 22 at 4 pm eastern. DJ Dharzee will be spinning the tunes this time from the Omni-Pol Org City. All are welcome to celebrate Omni-pol promotions and have some fun. If you can't make it this time, don't worry, Omni-Pol plans to have this party on the 2nd to last Sunday every month. We hope to see you there!

It's Almost St. Patrick's Day and we're not forgetting the holiday. We'll be sprinkling in more and more Irish/Celtic themed music at our regular shows between now and the 17th. I hope you all get a chance to get your jig on. :)

Coming along next month ARK and Funcom present the Borealis Street Party on April 18 at 3pm, eastern. The party is due to last 4 hours and although we don't have all the details set, there's no doubt this will be an awesome time. Stay tuned for details.

What else can I tease?

How about Funcom's Really Big TSW Contest?! Recently Tomium announced that Funcom has something huge up their sleeves coming next month! I may or may not know more than that, but I can't tell you much more than you can read for yourself on the forum. I will only say that if I was you, I'd pay close attention. It's going to be awesome!

And speaking of teasing and awesome and huge, birthday season is coming!! First is our birthday in May and then AO's birthday the following month. I know that seems like a long way away, but as you all know, these parties tend to be ginormous. I figure I better let you know now so you can plan accordingly! Details to follow!!!

Sadly, I do have some sad news to report. Juud, who recently joined us as Community Relations Lead in AO, has had to leave us. Unfortunately, "real life" was taking a toll and he was unable to provide us with the assistance that we were hoping for. We wish him all the best in sorting out RK4 so that he might some day return. In the meanwhile, this news does mean that we once again have a job opening. If you or anyone you know loves us, loves the community and loves AO, please send them our way. They can talk to Kriegshammer or any one of our crew to find out more details.

Well that's all I have for now.

As always, thanks for listening!

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